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Renteon goes global

20+ countries and 50+ satisfied clients


It seems like a good moment to stop for a bit and look back to Renteon's very start. Our first version of car rental application was named CaRS, standing simply for Cars Reservation System. It was developed back in 2003 to meet the needs of former Budget franchise holder in Croatia. During the following years, CaRS was deployed and used by several car rental companies.

In 2015 we decided to rework the whole project. The new product, now branded as Renteon, featured powerful SaaS scheme, allowing us much easier and cheaper deployment of new clients.

First client migrated to Renteon platform was ORYX rent a car at the beginning of 2017. Few more followed soon, mostly from the region. In 2018 our focus was on expanding to other EU countries, and providing technical support to Carwiz franchises project.

With our latest contracts in 2023, we are proud to say that Renteon is currently being used by more than 120 clients in 36+ countries.

Where we go from here? Well, we definitely plan to continue expansion to new markets, but with maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, especially through premium support, and continuous meeting of our clients' needs.

Renteon goes global

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